FECC – Newsletter 2010/1

Carnivals 2010
Both the western shrovetide carnivals as well the orthodox carnivals are at the same dates, because Easter is at the same date namely from 12-17th February 2010. Also the famous carnivals in Brazil and the Caribbean are in the same weekend.
The city of Jambol (80.000 inhabitants) has applied for FECC membership. The 19th International Festival of Masquarade of Pernik was a great success. Foreign groups from China, Slovenia, France, Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Belgium did participate. There were more than 6000 participants in the parade. From now on this festival will be an annual event.

The municipality of Arlon has applied for FECC membership. During the 19th International Festival of Masquarade Arlon has signed a friendship-charter with Pernik. The mid-lent carnival of Arlon will take place on 6/7th March 2010. The famous carnival „Heilig Wammes“of Maaseik will be from 12-17th February 2010.

Germany /Deutschland
In all the German cities the carnival 2010 will be from 11th-17th February. Most of the parades will be on „Rosenmontag“(15th Febr).And most of the carnivals have started after 6th January with several big shows (Herrensitzungen) and ended in the „Alterweibernacht“(old bitch night).This celebration is always on the Thursday before the carnival.(11.02.2010)

The carnivals of Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Cavtat, Samibor , Pag, Opuzen, Matulje, Cakovec take place in the carnivalweekend 12/14th February. The famous „Maskenball“ in Rijeka take place in the Governorpalace on Saturday 13th February. The international carnivalparade in Rijeka on Sunday 14th February will be televized by the national TV.
Die Karneval von Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Cavtat, Samibor, Pag, Opuzen, Matulje, Cakovec u.s.w. finden statt am 12.bis 14.Februar. Der berühmte „Maskenball“ in Rijeka wird statt finden im Governeurpalast am 13.Februar. Der internationale Karnevalsumzug in Rijeka am 14.Februar wird überstrahlt beim nationalen Fernsehen.


On Sunday 7th February 2010 the Amsterdam carnivalclubs will renovate the tradition of a ceremony at the monument „Lieverdje“ (a kind of a frivolous monument). This tradition was started in 1975 by the Amsterdam carnivalclub Amstelpieren & Brokkerijders.
Famous carnivalparades in The Netherlands are in Maastricht, Den Bosch, Breda , Tilburg and Nijmegen.

Also in Greece all the carnivals (Patras, Xanthi, Rethymno, Kria Vrissi. Keffalonia etc.) will take place in the weekend 12th-14th February. On Monday 15th February will be the celebration of clean Monday. On that day you will see thousand of kites in the air.
The famous carnivalparade in Patras, which is televized on the national Greek TV is on Sunday 14th February next. In Xanthi and Rethymno (Creta) will be a parade as well.

Ptuj celebrates this year her 50th Kurentovanje on 13/14th February. The prime-minister of Slovenia, the FECC international president and various ambassadors will be present in Ptuj. On Tuesday 16th February the parade in Mozirje take place.

Czech Republic
The Bohemian Carnival from Praque will organize the famous Carnival ball on 5th February in the GLAM GALLAS PALACE info: info@carnevale.cz . Also there is the Crystall Ball on 13th February 2010. info : crystalball@wussin.cz

The carnivals of Prilep and Strumica take place in the weekend of 12-16th Februar. The parade of Prilep is on 14th February and in Strumiga on 16th February.In Strumiga is the Clean Monday celebration on 15th February. The carnival in Kavardarci will be in September and the carnival of Vevchani was in middle January 2010.

The carnivalparades in Viareggio, Fano, Putignano, Ivrea, Misterbianco.Massafra take place on Sunday 14th February and the eveningparade (Illuminated) on Tuesday 16th February. The battle of orange in Ivrea take place on 14-15-16th February.

30th FECC Convention
As you were informed the 30th Convention will take place in Patras (Greece) von 29th May – 6th June 2010.
The registration form and program will be forwarded after the carnival 2010 by the Municipality of Patras.

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